Construction Update – End August 2013

Finally we have mains water, thank you Severn Trent!  Final certification is now underway prior to serving completion notices to the first phases.  Part of this certification process is air pressure and accoustic tests.  The air pressure tests check how draughty a property is and how much heat loss occurs.  We have now tested a representative number of apartments and they all passed at a level four times higher than required by Building Control.  That means you have warm, quiet apartments!

The site water tanks are now being connected and the sprinklers being tested.  This and together with the energy performance certificates should then give building control everything they need to sign off the apartments.

Externally, the Juliet balconies will be fitted this week, enabling us to finally begin to drop most of the scaffold to the front elevation of the building.

Internally, there has been much activity to stairwell E, the highest block to complete the first fixing.  This is now complete, with the final plastering to the last four apartments.  Kitchens are now in to stairwell A.  The final kitchens to stairwell E are arriving on site with the sanitaryware for those blocks being delivered this week.

As mentioned last update, customer options are continuing to come in thick and fast and we are accommodating as many of these as we can, as well as a few special requests!  This is your time to take up any options that you want.  So far Sky+ TV and blinds seem very popular!